A quick Internet search will yield lots of activities, lessons, and even curriculum programs that incorporate engineering into preK-12 education. But which ones work? And how do you get started? This section helps answer those questions.

Browse through activity and lesson reviews, get expert advice on methods, and see examples of what worked (and didn't) in educational settings around the country.
Professional Development
LinkEngineering members share information about and experiences with existing professional development opportunities in preK-12 engineering education.
Pre-service Teacher Education
Some undergraduate programs in the U.S. prepare preK-12 teachers-to-be to deliver engineering-related content. Find out about programs providing engineering instruction for pre-service teachers.
Create Better Engineering Lessons

If you have an idea for an engineering lesson or activity - but you're not sure how to proceed - get help from the LinkEngineering community.

Our Work in Progress section allows educators to share ideas for lessons that are not yet ready for “prime time.” Get useful advice from experts in the field and other teachers working in similar situations.

After-School / Out-of-School Activities

Browse our collection of engineering experiences for preK-12 students (and their families) outside the classroom. Some of these resources provide detailed plans for student learning, similar to lessons, but designed for groups outside a classroom. Other resources provide information, ideas, and/or insight for developing entire after-/out-of-school programs.

Engineering in the Classroom
Latest Lessons
  • Nanobug Mazes

    AddedApril 27, 2015

    This activity engages learners in an iterative engineering design process and is ripe for highlighting the engineering habit of mind of optimism. It can be used to teach basic geometry and measurement concepts as well.
  • Teaching Sound with Engineering

    AddedApril 27, 2015

    This lesson is designed to teach concepts of sound through an engineering design challenge. It was originally written for grade 2, but it can be easily scaffolded for middle school.
  • Technology Research Project

    AddedApril 24, 2015

    In this project, students will research either a invention/artifact or an inventor. This is helping students to understand how to conduct research. This allows students to see how to actually conduct research on artifacts and inventions.
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